Powerful yet gentle bodywork for horses and riders in the Canterbury region

One treatment is all you need to see, feel, and ride the difference

Tired of being tired?

Suffering from stress?

Putting up with pain?

Similar to gentle osteopathy for horses and humans, bodywork treatments are safe and effective, treating the body’s muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. 

After just one bodywork session you could wake up tomorrow feeling fresher, calmer, more mobile and in less pain.


Whether it’s Zero Balancing Bodywork, CranioSacral Therapy, or Bowen Therapy you’re after, I combine all three amazing bodywork therapies to solve your individual problem. No two people are the same and neither should their treatment be.

The same goes for your horse.

He’s one-in-a-million, so I tailor each session to give a unique equine bodywork treatment, too.

Bodywork Treatments

Zero Balancing

Enjoy effective, immediate relief from pain and stress, and more

CranioSacral Therapy

Experience emotional calmness, freer movement, and more

Bowen Therapy

Benefit from fewer aches and pains, heal from the inside, and more

Hi, I’m Cheryl

How would it feel waking up in the morning without an aching back or stubborn shoulder pain?

Or heading off to that scary meeting at the office after a restful night’s sleep and a clear head?

Or hopping on your horse knowing he felt good and was enjoying his ride with you?

These are some of the reasons my clients come to me, and just a few of their problems I help with.

Pain is not just ‘in our heads’. There is often a real emotional or physical reason behind it, and my treatment goes deeper to help you get to the bottom of it.

I have many happy, regular clients who don’t always want to share me! But I am here to help and would love to see how I may help you or your horse.

Why you may need my help

Low energy or fatigue

Neck and back pain

Muscle or body pain

Stiffness or flexibility issues

Sports injuries

Body complaints

Headaches and migraines




Relaxation levels

Stress and tension

Mental clarity problems

Emotional wellbeing issues

Physical and emotional trauma

Degenerative complaints


Brain injuries

Why your horse may need my help

Stiffness, flexibility or crookedness

Poor range of movement

Saddle fit-related back pain

Hip or pelvis problems

Lameness or being unlevel

Poll problems

Girthy or saddle sore

Picking up feet

Trouble tucking legs up when jumping

Short or tight stride

Problems mounting or behaving

Tripping or unbalanced

Change in behaviour or mood

Uncharacteristic stopping at jumps


What my happy clients say

I have no hesitation in recommending Cheryl Bristow Zero Balancing Bodywork Practitioner – Greyston as having highly recognised training and qualifications. I’m proud to have her as a member of our professional body for natural therapists


Lawrence Ellyard – founder and CEO of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Cheryl is just brilliant, if you have pain, go see her, I can’t explain what she does but it sure is good!

Trish Greenwood

I can’t say enough good words about Cheryl and the bodywork she provides. I have been to many different people over the years and this has been the best by far

Charlotte Thompson

Cheryl was very thorough and gentle with my girl who hadn’t had a chiro in a long time. Cheryl was patient and very professional. My horse responded well to treatments and is now going amazing so thanks Cheryl!

Hayley Harcourt

I’ve recently had 3x appointments with Cheryl. Her skills are amazing! I was completely relaxed & I felt a lot of relief

Mel Sugrue

The difference I felt walking away from my first session was unbelievable, I then realised why my dog absolutely loves her!! As well as my horses!

Sarah van der Sluys

Cheryl…the only person to get exactly where I was sore and make it loose again. I love my appts with Cheryl they are great for the body and soul!

Krista White

My daughter recommended Zero Balancing. Somewhat sceptically, I went and have now been fixed for over two years

Dave Dellow

You relieved my pain today, I’m a different person, totally recommend it

Jackie McKenzie

My horse is moving a lot more freely after a few treatments & stiffness in the body has eased a lot. He’s now happy to be ridden again which is a huge relief. He’s a sensitive horse & really relaxes during the treatment & has many yawns & releases

Suzie Peek

My 12-year-old son goes too and his anxiety is reduced for weeks after a session

Sue Robinson

Cheryl is so amazing and she knows her job so well. once you have been once you will never go anywhere else

Danny Irvine

Two weeks after her treatment what a transformation, she is happily cantering again on both reins. I could not be happier, thanks so much Cheryl

Donna Dellow

I see an amazing difference in my horses after each session, they are ‘unlocked’ and move so much better after a session with Cheryl

Charlotte Broadbridge

I feel amazing it feels too good to be true…I can move my neck and sleep on both sides of my body. I am really looking forward to my next session, no wonder my horses are going amazing and have put so much topline on

Katrina McPherson

It is one of the most effective treatments I have ever had. I leave feeling tension free. I highly recommend zero balancing with Cheryl

Lesley Iggo

I had a couple of sore spots for 2 or 3 days that soon settled, then I was left with this fantastic feeling of integration and great health, just like everything fit like it is supposed to – there were no restrictions any more. I feel like I could walk for miles with ease. I feel amazing now

Rhys Dwyer